Cultivating KSU's undergraduate and graduate student population before they become alumni is vital to the growth and strength of the Alumni Association.  Therefore, the Association is committed to student outreach and programs. To this end, in 1994 the Association established two endowed scholarships and supplemented the endowed scholarships with an additional annual scholarship in 2007.

  • The Kennesaw State University Alumni Association Scholarship provides support to a junior and a senior student in good academic standing pursuing their degree. (Strictly Merit Based)
  • The Kennesaw State University Annual Alumni Scholarship has been established to support scholarships at the undergraduate and graduate levels at Kennesaw State University. Preference will be given to students who have completed all previous undergraduate work at KSU. (Strictly Merit Based)
  • In 2010, the KSU Alumni Association has established the KSU Alumni Endowed Scholarship for Graduate Students to provide assistance to entering KSU graduate students who also earned their undergraduate degree at KSU.  

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Fiscal Year 2014/15 Recipients to the Scholarships 

KSU Alumni Endowed Scholarship Graduate Student Recipient
Jeffery Earle

KSU Alumni Association Endowed Undergraduate Senior Scholarship Recipient
Samantha Roberts

KSU Alumni Association Endowed Undergraduate Junior Scholarship Recipient
Leslie Brown

Linda Caldwell Annual Scholarship Recipient
Eleanor Stevenback

STARS Scholarship Recipient
Garrett Campbell

KSU Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship for Graduate Students
2011 - Sabo Uba
2012 - Tanya Brown
2013 - Hollie Means-Beaman

KSU Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship Undergraduate Seniors
2010 - Chad Maddox
2011 - Christina Gratton
2012 - Ashley Scripka
2013 - Vanessa Evans

KSU Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship for Undergraduate Juniors
2010 - Justin Fann
2011 - Ezigbobiara Umejiego
2012 - Lyna Tran
2013 - Katherine Street

Yvonne Wichman Annual Scholarship
2011 - Kristi Cole
2011 - Crystal Harvin
2012 - Eva Holston
2013 - Monique Chase

Linda Caldwell Annual Scholarship
2013 - Olivia London

Clutch Council Scholarship
2013 - Paige Tolbert

STARS Scholarship
2013 - Garrett Campbell


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