Distinguished Alumni Awards

The Distinguished Alumni Award program was established in 1992 to honor Kennesaw State University’s most accomplished graduates on an annual basis. A distinguished alumnus/a is one who promotes the ideals and mission of Kennesaw State University and who demonstrates distinguished achievement in his or her chosen field at a local, regional or national level, adding to the prominence of 
the University.

2013 Distinguished alumni award winner Kerstin Valdes for Kennesaw State University.In 2013, the KSU Alumni Association honored three Distinguished Alumni Awards at the Homecoming Networking Reception on Wednesday, October 16 at the Jolley Lodge. The recipients were Kerstin Valdés, Dean Yoder and Huy Huynh (not pictured).

2013 Distinguished alumni award winner Dean Yoder for Kennesaw State University.

Kerstin Valdés received her award from Dean Kathy Schwaig, Coles College of Business and Billy Hayes, KSU Alumni Association President.

Dean Yoder received his award from Dean Arlinda Eaton, Bagwell College of Education and Billy Hayes, KSU Alumni Association President.

Huy Huynh was unable to attend.

Past Distinguished Alumni Award Winners
2008 - Dr. Janice Walker, Dr. Shealynn Harris Buck, Ashlie Wilson
2009 - Gregory Duncan, Robert Henry, Tom Hughes
2010 - Becky Peters, Bil Lako, Ann Marie Fenton
2011 - Chuck Ayars, Judge Divida Gude, J.D., MSCM, Bill Murphy
2012 - Kathie Wood, Mike Quinlan, Jerry Samples 

Betty L. Siegel Award
The Betty L. Siegel Award, created in 1992, is named in honor of Dr. Betty L. Siegel, past president of Kennesaw State University. The annual award recognizes exceptional service to the University and is bestowed upon an outstanding member of the KSU staff or faculty. The individual who receives the award embodies the qualities of leadership, scholarship and service to KSU while displaying a strong commitment to his or her students, colleagues and the surrounding community.

Photo of Dr. Judy Brown-Allen and KSU Alumni Association Billy Hayes

In 2013, the KSU Alumni Association presented Dr. Judy Brown-Allen, Senior Lecturer of Sociology, with the Betty Siegel Faculty Member of the Year Award at the Homecoming Networking Reception on Wednesday, October 16 at the Jolley Lodge. 

Past Betty L. Siegel Award Winners
2008 - Dr. Hope Torkornoo
2009 - Dr. Dave Waples
2010 - Dr. LeeAnn Lands
2011 - Dr. Miriam Williams Boeri
2012 - Dr. Daniela Tapu 

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