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Kennesaw State University has implemented a new Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system. You can now reach the Office of Alumni Affairs at (470) 578-6333. Please know your call is important to us, and we appreciate your patience as we transition to our new system.

MARCH 2014

Be sure to update your information by April 7 for the Kennesaw State University Alumni Today, the new alumni directory. Please call 1-800-729-3554 today!

JANUARY 2014HarrisConnect logo
As Kennesaw State continues to celebrate its 50
th anniversary, the Alumni Association is marking this milestone by compiling its most complete listing of alumni since 2004. Kennesaw State University Alumni Today is a commemorative directory project that will include a listing of our alumni as well as photos and essays about our esteemed graduates. Watch for postcards and emails and listen for a phone call from Harris Connect with instructions to update your information and the opportunity to stay connected to your fellow Owls!

Please note the Harris Connect privacy policy as well as frequently asked questions listed below about the directory project you may find helpful.

When can I expect to hear from Harris Connect? 
Monday through Friday, Harris Connect makes calls beginning at 8:00 a.m. and continuing until about 9:00 p.m., in all time zones. They may try to contact you at work during the day, in the evening, or during the weekend at home. On Saturdays, they may call from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.; on Sundays they call from 12:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. If you are contacted at a time that is inconvenient for you, simply let the representative know. S/he will give you the Harris Connect toll-free number or will arrange to call you later. 

Why did Harris Connect call me even though I completed my online questionnaire? 
We've asked Harris Connect to contact everyone; primarily to make absolutely sure that the data we have is current. You'd be surprised how many people change jobs or move between the time they complete an online questionnaire and the time the directory is ready to print. Plus, we want to be sure that all information is correct so that our directory is accurate and useful.

If my name is listed in the directory, am I obligated to purchase a copy?
Although everyone will be given the opportunity to purchase his or her own copy of the directory, your name will be listed regardless of whether you decide to purchase a copy. What if I don't want to be listed in the directory?

What if I don't want certain pieces of information listed? 
Harris Connect can still update your information for us, but will honor your specific request to exclude all or parts of your biographical data from the publication. 

What happens if I don't order a directory now, but change my mind later? 
We have arranged to print as many directories as are ordered before we go to press. So, if you do change your mind prior to publication, you can call [dedicated toll-free number—please refer to my e-mail]. 

What forms of payment will be accepted for the purchase of a directory? 
The directory may be paid for by major credit card or check. Payment(s) may be made by credit card at the time of order or by check upon receipt of the invoice(s). We also offer installment payment plans, allowing you to pay a portion now and the rest later. 

If I place an order using a credit or debit card, how will the charge appear on my statement? 
On statements for most major credit cards, “HC” will appear with part of or the entire name of the institution, e.g. HC State University. On American Express statements, “Harris Connect” will appear with part of or the entire name of the institution, e.g. Harris Connect State University. 

What if I decide I want to cancel the order I have placed? 
Orders for the directory may be canceled by simply writing the word "Cancel" on the invoice and returning it to Harris Connect or by calling the Harris Connect Customer Service Department at 1-800-877-6554. Be sure to provide the account number when calling. 


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